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Morning Blend

The Morning Blend: No-Fault Update

By January 5, 2021August 11th, 2023No Comments

Bob: With us this morning is Pat Brown from the Holt Dimondale Insurance Agency. Pat. I’ve been meaning to ask you, I wonder if there are any updates on the no fault insurance reform?

Pat: Yeah but, you know, COVID is kind of taking all the information and all our attention. The original No-Fault reform law came in July without much fanfare. People did see the reduction in their premiums and part of the initial bill was to have a couple of years worth of data, and then see what happens but the insurance commissioner announced last week that in July of, 2021, there will be another reduction, the size will be based upon what people have chosen throughout the course but there will be another reduction for the insurance public coming July of 2021. So it seems like a long ways off but it isn’t. 

Bob: Yeah. How has the pandemic affected your business dynamics?

Pat: I was thinking about this one, quite a bit and, and I’ll throw this back at you know how would you like to have to do morning blend 15-20 times in one week without a zoom and all you have is the phone medium? That’s tough because you can see as we do here, facial expressions, gathering information establishing relationships is done on a face-to-face basis, and it’s tough when all you have is that phone medium. We’ve had to change, change you know our dynamics for our team because on a daily basis we can’t get that information from our team so we do weekly meetings, via Zoom. We use the Team’s messaging system so that we can keep up on what’s going on with all our people, and outside we’ve put up a bill mailbox so people can drop off payments.  When we had that little short reprieve when we could get back to work, we were taking appointments that way but again we miss our public, but we want to make sure our team stays safe. We still have the guidelines in place but we’re ready to go when we get a chance to get back there. 

Bob: Real quick, any advice for businesses out there that received the PPP and Care loans.

Pat: Yes, it’s coming down to year-end. If you’ve received some monies you have some responsibilities to report it, go to SBAM Small Business Association of Michigan. Go to their website they have a multitude of ways that you can look at that information, get some help on what your responsibility is.

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