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Covid-19 Enlightment

By July 8, 2020July 31st, 2023No Comments

Interview Transcript

Bob Hoffman:               

Joining us on the blend this morning, Pat Brown from the Holt Dimondale agency. Pat, I have to ask you, I’m wondering if you’ve had any enlightening experiences during this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

Pat Brown:                   

Bob, I have. Being in a small town, this town came together. Just a couple of great ones that I really like, the whole Business Alliance put together, we donated to the first responders. We use four of our food vendors and we put accounts together for our first responders and they were able to secure food, because they were pretty well quarantined to their police cars, their fire departments. And we were able to also give money to some of our businesses to keep things going. So, a very enlightening thing from the Business Alliance. The Delta Township DEA actually put out $250,000 for marketing for businesses that want to get back in.

Maybe they’ve never used marketing before and then, Hey, it’s time to open up. Here’s a program, it’s available so they could apply for these grants. The biggest one, and I’ve mentioned the one before, the Holt Dimondale Delta Township task force. A group of people in the community that, we wanted to keep our community aware of what’s going on from the schools, business, first responders, emergency management, food banks. We meet, this is our 16th week, tomorrow actually, and we will get together and where do we stand in the community? Who needs help? How many foods, people to the food banks? So it had actually a regenerated our relationship with Dimondale because we’ve married those two communities together. And it has been been so, so, so beneficial, not only to the people that receive our help, it keeps us up to date on what’s going on in our communities and how we can best assist those people.

We have a Facebook page and information is put out on that all the time about what’s going on.

Bob Hoffman:               

We’ve got about 30 seconds left Pat, but I’m just curious if you see any hurdles in the way as we start to go back to work.

Pat Brown:                   

Complacency. I think we have to really, really, really think. Again, I’ve mentioned this many times, we the people are the only antidote we have for this pandemic. And if we don’t manage our directions that are given to us we become complacent. We will not defeat the coronavirus.

Bob Hoffman:               

Well Pat, thanks so much for what you do. And we’ll put your information at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for joining us.

Pat Brown:       

Thanks Bob.

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