Is it allergies or a cold?

The fall weather sometimes brings with it a plethora of seasonal allergies and viruses that most of us tend to unintentionally grab this time of year. When you start sneezing and you notice your throat feeling a bit raw, you may have trouble determining whether your symptoms are due to allergies or you have got some sort of virus like the common cold. There are some comparisons to help you decide:

  • Allergies will come on suddenly whereas colds will gradually get worse.
  • With a cold, you may experience a painful or burning sensation in your throat. Allergies usually produce more of an itchy feeling.
  • Colds will run their course and be finished. Allergies will not get better without treatment.
  • Both can lead to sinus problems if not taken treated.
  • If you are suffering from just allergies, you will not run a fever. Colds can cause you to run a bit hotter than normal. However, your allergies can morph into something more if not treated.

The bottom line is if you are not sure, see your doctor to rule out one or the other. Even if you have never had allergies before, you could start at any age.

If you are new to seasonal allergies, you may need some help finding an allergy specialist in your area. Contact your health insurance provider for a list of allergy specialists that will be covered under your health insurance policy before calling a doctor’s office for an appointment. It will help save time and money down the road if you are already aware of your coverage options.

Of course, if you need any assistance with your health insurance, we are here to help. Call us at 517-694-0149 with any questions or concerns. Whether you have a cold or you are suffering from seasonal allergies, we hope you feel better soon!