Cooler Temps are on the way!

As we approach the cooler months of Fall and Winter, the furnace and fireplace start to get used.  Now is the time for preventative maintenance of these systems.  Something as simple as changing your furnace filter can extend the life of your furnace for years.  Following the manufactures instructions for routine maintenance can prevent unwanted breakdowns during the times when you need heat the most.  A wood burning fireplace has benefits and is often a preferred method for heating a house or garage.  An inspection of your chimney and all of the parts associated with a wood burning fireplace should be performed periodically along with having the creosote cleaned out.  Chimney fires are common and could cause severe damage to your house along with putting your family at risk.  The average chimney sweep with inspection cost between $150-300 dollars.  This is a small price to pay when it comes to the safety of your family or friends.  Check the internet for a local heating/cooling company or chimney sweep in your area today.