7 Hints you have outdated insurance

Hint #1

When you change your ride, contact your insurance agent.  If you sell your car, make sure it is removed from your auto policy.  Then add your new vehicle to your policy as soon as possible.

Hint #2

A major home renovation can increase the replacement cost of your home, which means you need more coverage.  It can also create new coverage gaps, like needing back-up sewer and drain coverage fro a newly finished basement.

Hint #3

Getting married?  Talk to your insurance agent.  You may need to add your spouse onto your homeowner, auto and life insurance policies as well as add jewelry coverage for those beautiful (and not so cheap to replace) wedding rings.

Hint #4

Take a look around your home.  Do you have enough insurance coverage to replace valuable items if they are ever lost or stolen?  Get an appraisal and add a rider to your homeowner, renter or condo policy.

Hint #5

Congratulations!  Bringing home a new bundle of joy is the perfect time to review your life insurance policy.  Life insurance gives families the resources they need to stay on their feet financially if the worst should happen.

Hint #6

If you are planning to hand over the car keys to your son or daughter, it is important to tell your insurance agent.  Add your children onto your auto policy and make sure you are covered if they are ever in an accident while driving your car.

Hint #7

When you buy a new boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, it is time to call your insurance agent and make sure all of your big kid toys are insured.  The replacement cost without insurance could be huge, and insuring them really does not cost that much.

We hope you gained some insight to the world of insuring your STUFF!!!